Bad digestion is the root of many diseases. When food is not digested properly it becomes poison in body and results in digestion health issues. With upset stomach one cannot enjoy the meal. Various factors which are responsible for this problem like over eating, eating rapidly, eating unhealthy foods, bad combination of foods, improper eating timing of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dyspepsia describes the pain and discomfort in upper abdomen which results in the nausea, bloating and burping. Dyspepsia occurs when stomach acids come in contact with lining of digestive system and break down the mucosa which results in inflammation and trigger the symptoms of indigestions.


  • Eating too much / too rapidly
  • Consuming fatty or greasy foods or spicy foods
  • Consuming too much caffeine,alcohol / Smoking
  • Consuming too many fizzy drinks and chocalates
  • Emotional trauma
  • Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)
  • Obesity- caused by more pressure inside the abdomen
  • Pancreatitis-(inflammation of the pancreas)
  • Some medications, such as antibiotics and NSAIDs(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Stomach cancer
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Burning sensation in chest
  • Bloating Stomach
  • Black stools
  • Lethargy
Ayurvedic view of Treatment

In Ayurveda there are three energies - vata, pitta and kapha which are responsible for a healthy body. So imbalance in any of three energies results in the health complications. So imbalance in any of three energies results in the health complications. Dyspepsia is also the result of aggravated vata dosha. When there is improper digestion of food occurs due to low jathragni and a very little part of food is converted in the nutritious juices while greater part is converted into the waste products. Accumulation of excess waste products causes the aggravation of vata dosha and Aggravated pitta dosha results in the production of ama (toxin) in body. Ama production results in dyspepsia and various other stomach complications.In Ayurveda there are various herbs available which are used to treat Dyspepsia .


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