Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a standout amongst the most widely recognized ceaseless infections on the planet. In spite of parcel of research and exertion, a viable cure is as yet impractical. All that can be offered are the mitigating and analgesic(pain executioner) drugs.

Ayurveda can offer some successful, enduring and safe solution for this constant sickness.

Osteoarthritis is the most widely recognized reason for endless joint torment. It isn't a solitary malady yet rather the final product of an assortment of clutters prompting the auxiliary or useful disappointment of at least one of your joints.

Osteoarthritis influences 15-20% of the populace .Osteoarthritis happens regularly in knees, hips and hands. Different joints, especially the shoulders, can likewise be influenced.

Osteoarthritis once in a while influences different joints, with the exception of because of damage or unordinary physical pressure. It is the main source of torment and handicap among the elderly. Osteoarthritis is the third driving reason forever years lost because of incapacity. Heftiness and joint damage are critical conceivably modifiable hazard factors for the improvement of osteoarthritis.

It is described by a breakdown of the joint's ligament. Ligament is the piece of the joint that pads the closures of bones. Ligament breakdown makes bones rub against each other, causing agony and loss of development. It influences hands and weight-bearing joints, for example, knees, hips, feet and the back. Osteoarthritis can run from extremely mellow to exceptionally serious, and most ordinarily influences moderately aged and more seasoned individuals.


  • Seniority /Old age
  • Over the top utilization of dry, chilly or stale nourishment /Excessive consumption of dry, cold or stale food
  • Introduction to serious frosty and dry climate /Exposure to severe cold and dry weather
  • Over the top utilization of joint, heftiness /Excessive use of joint, obesity
  • Joint damage /Joint injury
  • Heredity


  • Delicacy/Tenderness
  • Swelling and Pain of joint
  • Solidness injoints /Stiffness injoints
  • Unfit to move appropriately or quick /Unable to move properly or fast

Principle indications of joint pain, independent to the joint influenced, are as per the following:

Direct to serious agony at the influenced joint.

Joint firmness watched particularly after long traverses of rest to the influenced joint.

Confined and agonizing developments of the joint.

Restricted delicacy is seen in extreme cases alongside swelling and expanded nearby temperature at the influenced site.




Limitation of development

Crepitus (a crunching or grinding sound or feeling)


Ayurvedic view of Treatment

As per Ayurveda, Osteoarthritis is a reason for Osteoarthritis and is known as Sandhivata. Vata is Ayurveda symbolizes air or wind and administers all developments in the body and in addition mind. at the point when the exercises of Vata increment inside the Sandhis or joints,it causes the issue. Vata Dosha makes dryness smoothness from any piece of the body which is the reason it causes pulverization of the ligaments and diminishment in the Synovial Fluid inside the joint container. Ayurvedic treatment counteracts facilitate decay in the joints as well as restores harmed cartilages.Use of Certain herbs are recommended for oil and reinforcing of joints alongwith appropriate eating routine discussion .

Osteoarthritis and Ayurveda

Joint pain is an incendiary state of at least one joints, showing normally with torment , delicacy , swelling , and morning firmness of the influenced joint or joints. Osteoarthritis is basically a vatha issue, with the involvment of pitha and kapha doshas.

Osteoarthritis is a typical condition influencing the two ladies and men, particularly in the last a very long time as it were amid the Vatha overwhelming life arrange. Vatha has dry and light qualities and its vitiation prompts awkwardness of Kapha dosha. This exhaustion prompts osteo joint pain in which the ligament in the joints wears away causing grinding, agony and constrained joint versatility and influences the vast weight-bearing joints, similar to the hips and knees, likewise hands, feet, and spine.

Event of joint pain demonstrates the showed phase of the ailment. This stage may have been gone before by joint distress or splitting and flying amid the beginning phase of the sickness. Left untreated, most joint conditions advance to the propelled phase of ailment with disfigurement, pulverization of the articular surface and loss of capacity.

Reasons for Osteoarthritis as indicated by Ayurveda

Osteoarthritis is known to be caused by the vitiation of Vata Dosha.

The causative components in vitiation of Vata Dosha resemble - utilization of dry, icy or stale sustenance, unpredictable dozing propensities, concealment of common desires, and presentation to extreme chilly, and dry climate.

Neighborhood causative elements, for example, degeneration of the ligaments because of maturing, inordinate strain on the joint, any sort of damage to the joint, are the continuous reasons for joint pain.

As per Ayurveda this is a Vatha dominating condition. Causative elements in charge of the vitiation of Vatha are:

Too much utilization of nourishment which is dry in nature

To eat less amount of dinners which is deficient for the body for a delayed span

Too much association in sexual exercises

To remain up late during the evening and to stay hyperactive without sufficiently taking rest

Chronic acid reflux and unhealthiness

Excessive voyaging

These are a couple of different components in charge of the vitiation of Vatha Dosha.

Trauma, over the top dying, interminable pressure are additionally couple of different variables that expansion Vatha

Suppressing characteristic desires

Getting presented to extreme icy and dry climate.

Osteoarthritis Treatment standard

The treatment can be separated in following classifications.

Eating regimen for Osteoarthritis

Crisp cooked and hot sustenance ought to be devoured in customary eating regimen.

Hot soups of lentils, heartbeats and meat ought to be taken with powder of ginger, dark pepper and long pepper added to them.

Ghee and oils in direct sum are important in day by day consume less calories, as these keep the typical joints legitimately greased up and furthermore give oil to the became scarce joints.

All the zesty, pan fried and sleek and sharp sustenance formulas ought to be maintained a strategic distance from, since these are accepted to make harm the worsened joints.

Exercise for Osteoarthritis

Direct general exercise to keep the influenced joint portable and to avoid additionally harm, ought to be done.

Over the top strain that could harm joints ought to be maintained a strategic distance from.

Ayurvedic treatments for joint conditions ought to dependably be individualized.

Established portrayals of ligament sicknesses can't be precisely coordinated with the illness substances as of now depicted in Western prescription.

Examination (Darshanam), Palpation (sparshanam ) and Clinical meeting (prashna) will prompt an individualized analysis. Be that as it may, in the cutting edge prescription , disorders portrayed in present day rheumatology are more institutionalized by definition in view of research center outcomes.

Ayurveda offer a novel point of view on joint inflammation through the ideas of agni and ama. Because of vitiation of agni, ama or incompletely processed or undigested supplements is created and accomplishes dangerous nature. This amasses in the gut and is then spread through inconspicuous channels of the body and achieves the joints with the assistance of Vatha. Present day prescription has approved the connection amongst joint pain and the gut as the reason for different types of seronegative joint pain and post-infective and receptive joint pain.

The treatment display utilized as a part of Ayurveda subsequently incorporates treatment systems, for example, Panchakarma for restoring the poisons to the gut for discharge, recovery of agni , way of life and dietary changes to address the underlying reason for vitiation of agni and develop of ama.

The treatment of joint inflammation is in one way an organization amongst specialist and patient. Both palliative and more profound treatments should shape some portion of the arrangement. Osteoarthritis is reasonable as opposed to treatable.

Contingent on the person's phase of movement of the infection the anticipation can be made. Point of treatment can be vanishing of side effects, diminishment of indications, non-movement of the infection or, in the most pessimistic scenario, slower rate of malady movement. It is vital for the patient to comprehend the objectives and to value the potential result of their endeavors.

Osteoarthritic Treatment Procedures

Outside use of Paste of Medicated powder: It is valuable in the intense stage for decreasing oedema, consuming sensation and torment.

Dhara or Pouring of therapeutic fluids: Based on manifestations, dhara or pouring of warm home grown decoction, sedated milk(Ksheera kashaya) over influenced joints for 45-50 minutes is valuable. This method can diminish agony and oedema inside hours.

Interior organization of ghee or oils: This incorporates oral organization of ghee or oils prepared with intense and astringent herbs. This is the initial step of Panchakarma treatment strategy. Decision of arrangement is made by doctor in the wake of evaluating patient's condition.

Steaming and other warming methods: This give adaptability to solidified joint structures. It is helpful in evacuation of blockage of unpretentious channels or srothas.

Virechana or Medicated purgation: It is a purifying strategy, performed by giving some natural laxatives which recaptures energy of flame standard.

Vasthi or Enema like technique: Designed to clean the lower wholesome trench and best in Ayurvedic treatment bringing purging of inconspicuous channels or srothas spread everywhere throughout the body.This is exceptionally successful in evacuating unusually expanded Vatha standard. Uncommon ingeredients might be added to it making it a brimhana vasthi which can cause recovery of influenced joints.

Rasayana treatment: This treatment take after pancha karma.Formulations and systems implied for revival of asthi or bone dhathu are utilized here. These medications will be proceeded for long stretch.

Herbs for joint inflammation administration

Herbs with the accompanying properties are utilized here.

Snehana (Oiliness), brimhana (nutritive) , normalizing capacity of asthi or bone dhathu. This can control fire rule in cell level (dhatwagni) and amend change of dhathus.

Boswelia serrata (Sallaki), Commiphora mukul (Guggul), Strychnos nuxvomica (vishamushti), Tinospora cordifolia (Guloochi), and so forth a few herbs helpful in this condition.

Osteoarthritis Diet

Eating part of vegetables, crisply cooked nourishments, hot soups of lentils, beats, direct amount of ghee and oils to grease up the dried joints.

By maintaining a strategic distance from sleek and pan fried sustenances

Eat a healthy eating regimen

Avoid eating dry and frosty sustenance things

Eat Black Gram oats at any rate once per week

Add Saindhava Salt in your eating regimen alongside the Spices as per your Doshas

Yoga for Osteoarthritis

Yoga ought to be drawn closer carefully with the help of qualified Ayurvedic specialist. It is vital that customers with joint inflammation set aside adequate opportunity to warm up their joints previously asana hone or in fact any type of activity.

Yoga can be very hand-escalated and numerous with joint inflammation have influenced hands. Notwithstanding, honed with due alert, yoga, swimming and strolling are imperative for keeping up quality and adaptability in the influenced joints.

Osteoarthritis Lifestyle

Doing a normal mellow exercise program to empower the joint to move and avert additionally harms. Try not to enjoy any difficult activity which may harm the joints.
 Don't abuse your joints. Both exorbitant utilize and decreased utilization of your joints is terrible for you.

Move at any rate for 30 minutes day by day.

Weight is a primary driver in the devastation of your joints, so keep your weight ideal.

While loosing weight, endeavor to build your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Try not to go for over the top fasting as it will cause dryness in your body and will expand Vatha.

Don't bear the characteristic desires of pee and stool, these expansion Vatha in your body and is a reason for some ailments

Apply the Ayurveda Massage oils endorsed by an Ayurvedic specialist to quiet down the vatha dosha. In the wake of applying the oils on your joints, bear in mind to incite your joints legitimately.

Powerful Ayurvedic Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Neighborhood use of different cured oils, for example, Mahanarayan Taila, Bala Taila , mustard oil, and so forth., is extremely valuable in every ligament condition.

Hot fomentation by infrared light or warmed sandbag ought to be given quickly in the wake of rubbing the influenced joint with any oil.

Decoction of the foundations of ten herbs ought to be given in the dosage of 30 ml., thrice every day.

Decoction of the bark and foundations of Deodar tree ought to be taken in the dosage of 30 ml., thrice every day.

Decoction of base of caster plant is likewise useful in the dosage of 30 ml., thrice daily.

Caster oil ought to be taken in the dosage of 5-10 ml., consistently toward the beginning of the day.

Day by day utilization of the Ayurvedic compound 'Triphala churna'is prescribed to purge the colon.

Guggul is an exceptionally supportive herb for curing joint pain. It is most particular for cleaning and reinforcing the bone tissue. Different guggul arrangements are accessible in advertise.