Ayurveda Treatment for Syphilis

In the sexual demonstration we unite the most profound tissue level of our bodies. This enables generation to happen. It can likewise enable pathogens to be transmitted specifically to our deepest tissues, which would somehow be fended off by the insusceptible framework. The more prominent the quantity of sexual accomplices we have, the more prominent the presentation to this sickness .

Syphilis is a genuine, sexually transmitted, infectious ailment with a moderate advancement. It might be obtained or acquired. Syphilis bears hitting similitude with the malady called firangarog portrayed by antiquated sage Acharya Bhavaprakash in his Ayurvedic abstract.


The malady, syphilis does not arrive at the same time but rather it happens gradually in various stages.

PRIMARY STAGE – It starts from 10 to 90 days of the contamination however generally it starts following three weeks of the disease.

The primary indication of syphilis is found as a sore, which is known as a chancre. The chancre is effortless and is seen by then from where the disease has passed, similar to the penis, rectum, vagina or even the mouth (if there should be an occurrence of oral sex). At first a swelling can be available on the chancre yet after around four to a month and a half it mends.

SECONDARY SYPHILIS – If not treated in the essential stage, syphilis amid the auxiliary stage shows up between two to a half year.

Amid this stage, on the two sides of the body symmetrical rash is seen. The rash is red in shading and non-irritated. The trunks, the palms of the hands and the feet are where rash is generally normal. Likewise in the mouth and on the private parts, whitish injuries might be taken note. Fever and sore throats are additionally normal amid this stage.

TERTIARY STAGE – It might happen whenever following one year from the optional stage.

In this stage, anyplace on the body, delicate tumerous developments are seen on the skin. These developments are called as gummas. These can likewise create in the cerebrum or the spinal rope where it might demonstrate deadly outcomes.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted contamination caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. Syphilis is most generally spread through sexual movement. It might likewise be transmitted from mother to infant amid pregnancy or during childbirth, bringing about inborn syphilis . Syphilis is a genuine, sexually transmitted, infectious ailment with a moderate improvement.


The reason for syphilis is a bacterium called Treponema pallidum. The most widely recognized course of transmission is through contact with a tainted individual's sore amid sexual movement. The microorganisms enter your body through minor cuts or scraped areas in your skin or mucous membranes.Syphilis is infectious amid its essential and optional stages, and at times in the early dormant period.

As indicated by present day science, syphilis is caused by a spirochete called Treponema pallidum. It is normally obtained through sex, however different causes, for example, tainted blood transfusion are additionally conceivable. Bhavaprakash too has plainly said that performing sex with the patient experiencing firangarog fills in as the reason for the malady.

Syphilis starts as a sore where there is the site of contamination. The most widely recognized reason for syphilis is through sex with a man who is as of now experiencing this sickness. Another path by which syphilis is caused is through transmission. A pregnant lady exchanges this malady to her youngster. This is otherwise called inborn syphilis. Consequently, there are two kinds of syphilis:-




  • Migraine/Body hurt /Headache/Body ache
  • Disquietude /Malaise
  • Coldness/Chilliness
  • Growth of lymph hubs /Enlargement of lymph nodes
  • Iron deficiency /Anaemia
  • Developed tonsils/Enlarged tonsils/Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Malaise
  • Chilliness
  • Body throb
  • Enlargement of lymph hubs
  • Anaemia
  • Enlarged tonsils
  • Sore throat

Ayurvedic Syphilis Treatment

In ayurveda Syphilis is known as "Firanga". It is a turmoil of blood . The Kapha controls the course of blood. Along these lines, as per Ayurveda the treatment of Syphilis is done as a vitiation of the Kapha Dosha. Ayurvedic herbs are exceptionally successful to murder the microscopic organisms of Syphilis and it cures the sickness with no symptom. The ayurvedic medications are likewise extremely safe to use for long haul. The treatment cures the ailment and it doesn't implies that a man can't get contaminated once more. So safety measures are constantly required.

Syphilis is a turmoil of the blood and kapha dosha controls the course of blood. Subsequently, as indicated by Ayurvedic standards, the treatment of syphilis is done as a turmoil caused because of vitiation in the kaphadosha.

Bhavaprakash has arranged firangrog into bahya (outside), abhyantar (inside) and bahyabhyantar (two collapsed) organizes and has depicted comparative side effects and confusions as notices above. He expresses that every one of the three doshas are vitiated in this illness however kapha may rule the clinical picture and is in charge of the unending course of the ailment. He additionally includes that relying on the earnestness, every one of the seven dhatus (tissues) may get inebriated in this ailment prompting genuine inconveniences.

Ayurveda trusts that sexual ailments result as an outcome of diminished invulnerability, which enables the pathogens to exist inside the bodies and cause various entanglements. So Ayurvedic treatment includes expanding the resistance level, which at that point enables the body to normally murder the pathogens and recover harmed tissues.


The accompanying therapeutic arrangements are useful in the treatment of syphilis. They might be taken either single or in mix

SARIVADYASAVA – 20 mg with water after suppers ought to be given to the patient twice every day.

SARIVADYAVALEHA – 12 gm ought to be taken with drain had the season of breakfast.

SAVIRVARI – 200 mg ought to be given to the patient twice day by day with sweetened drain.

RASACHANDRADI YOGA – 500 mg case ought to be taken thrice day by day.

HIMGULAMRITA YOGA – one teaspoon ought to be taken thrice day by day.

Aside from the previously mentioned prescriptions, there are sure herbs which are likewise extremely supportive in the treatment of syphilis.


The walnut gives help from a portion of the manifestations of syphilis.

Kanghi(Indian Mallow)

Supportive in the essential phase of syphilis when the chancres are produced.

Khus-khus(Poppy seeds)

Seeds are successful in the treatment of syphilis wounds when they are privately connected.

Khulakudi(Indian Pennywort)

It is a viable herb in the chancre organize. A powder of the dried leaves can be connected on the influenced zones to get help from the bruises. The juice of its leaves is likewise helpful for the fever that happens amid the auxiliary phase of syphilis.


A decoction arranged of the leaves of gokhulakanta is utilized as a customary cure.

Eating regimen and Lifestyle Advice

Keeping up sexual train, steadfastness in sexual connections and staying away from additional conjugal contacts are the sole approaches to forestall syphilis.

Eating regimen AND OTHER REGIMEN

A solid and safe eating regimen is additionally imperative for the patients experiencing syphilis. The patient experiencing syphilis should endeavor to take consume less calories without salt. This aides in quick recuperation. The patient ought to likewise dodge intense, sharp and impactful substances however much as could be expected. Intercourse is additionally entirely precluded.

Rundown of nourishments that can give alleviation to specific side effects of syphilis are:-


Food ought to be cooked in sesame oil


Bitter vegetables, for example, severe gourd

Green gram

Wheat and grain

Rundown of nourishments that can build the indications of syphilis are:-

Soured buttermilk


Heavy dinners that set aside a long opportunity to process