Ayurveda Treatment for Urticaria

Urticaria (Hives) are red, irritated, raised territories of the skin that show up in fluctuating shapes and sizes. They go in measure, from a couple of millimeters to a few creeps in width. Hives can be round, or they can frame rings or huge patches. They can happen anyplace on the body, for example, the storage compartment, arms and legs. They are created by histamine (the substance that assumes a noteworthy part in numerous hypersensitive responses). Histamine expands veins and makes the vessel dividers unusually penetrable. It likewise makes liquid hole from the nearby veins, prompting swelling in the skin.

Urticaria is a skin issue which is generally known as Sheeta Pitta in Ayurveda.

Causative components of Urticaria:

1. Excess admission of salty and sharp sustenance

2. Eating a lot of harsh gruels

3. Excessive admission of mustard

4. Exposure to chilly breeze

5. Contact of chilly substances

6. Day rest

7. Improper emesis

8. Altered highlights in stormy and winter season

9. Insect chomp

10. Contact of harmful creepy crawlies/bugs

Cause of the ailment

In light of the above-said factors, in particular, because of exposures to icy breeze, kapha and vata doshas get irritated and subsequently they stir up with pitta dosha. Likewise, they spread to all parts of the body and collect in the body's outside surface (underneath the skin), in the end creating ruddy rashes portrayed by exceptional tingling and pricking sensation. Therefore, sheetapitta, a condition taking after Urticarial rashes has a tendency to be showed.

Treatment ideas in Ayurveda:

1. Body purificatory treatment

2. Oral meds

3. Avoidance of causative elements

Oil knead

1. Mustard oil application everywhere throughout the body

2. Massaging utilizing sedated oil arranged by medications of Eladi gana

Urticaria, otherwise called hives, is an episode of swollen, light red knocks or plaques (wheals) on the skin that show up all of a sudden - either because of the body's response to specific allergens, or for obscure reasons. They can show up anyplace on the body,.Hives as a rule cause tingling, They can show up anyplace on the body, including the face, lips, tongue, throat, or ears.


  • A sustenance sensitivity /A food allergy
  • Diseases /Infections
  • Creepy crawly nibbles and stings /insect bites and stings
  • Enthusiastic pressure /Emotional stress
  • Certain Medications including antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hyperthyroidism

Blend of cool and warmth, contact with extreme chilly and warmth, allergens in nourishment, intestinal worms, stifling the inclination of retching, uncalled for treatment of Panchakarma (Vaman, particularly Asamyakvaman), eating incongruent sustenances, creepy crawly chomp, contact with herbs, for example, Bhilawa (Semecarpus Anacardium) or Kaunch (Mucuna Pruriens), arsenic use in pharmaceuticals, including certain painkillers, anti-microbials, hostile to hypertensives, codeine can cause urticaria.

At first patient will involvement underneath specified manifestations previously getting rosy fixes on the body of the patient.

Elevated Thirst


Heaviness in the body

Redness in the eye.

A while later, there can be tingling and torment specifically puts in the skin alongside vomiting(vomiting may not be there in some cases).This for the most part happens in chilly season after an icy attack.In a portion of the ejections on the skin, there will be hoisted edges and discouragement in the middle, which may demonstrate towards stomach related turmoil.


  • Tingling /Itching
  • Blockage of eyes /Congestion of eyes
  • Red rashes
  • Migraine/Headache


Red rashes


Congestion of eyes

Intestinal worms, presentation to icy air, rehashed shower with icy water, mental reasons are few reasons in light of which patients may experience the ill effects of Urticaria. It can be dealt with as a sort of sensitivity influencing skin.

Ayurvedic view of Treatment

At the point when a man interacts with frosty air frequently, it causes disturbance of Kapha (Water) and Vata (Air). It absorbs with disturbance of Pitta Dosha and spreads into the Rakta Dhatu This prompts Sthan Sanshrya (migration) in the skin, in the end causing Shitpitta or Urticaria. Hypersensitivities show up because of imbalanced resistance or exasperated body energies that prompt the development of poisons in the body.

Ayurvedic treatment purging of the collection of poisons is done .Herbal prescriptions reestablishes absorption. Home grown Oil might be connected to sustain and condition the skin. Abhyanga (rub), Svedana (fomentation), vaman (incited retching) and virechen (initiated lose movement) are known to be powerful in treating Urticaria.

Ayurvedic Urticaria (Hives) Treatment

At the point when a man interacts with frosty air frequently, it causes irritation of Kapha (Water) and Vata (Air). It acclimatizes with exacerbation of Pitta Dosha (Fire) and spreads into the Rakta Dhatu (blood tissues). This prompts Sthan Sanshrya (migration) in the skin, inevitably causing Shitpitta or Urticaria.

Urticaria can likewise be a sensitivity. Sensitivities are a wrong reaction – either an eruption or an improper response – to nature. These show up because of imbalanced invulnerability or disturbed body energies that prompt the arrangement of poisons in the body.

The line of Ayurvedic treatment comprises of cleansing of the assortment of poisons with home grown arrangements. Organization of stomach related herbs reestablishes the stomach related fire and oils might be connected to feed and tone the skin. Unwinding of the psyche is likewise an essential piece of the treatment. Panchakarma treatment treatments, for example, abhyanga (rub), svedana (fomentation), vaman (initiated spewing) and virechen (instigated lose movement) are known to be successful in treating Urticaria.

Turmeric(Curcuma longa) which is normally known as Haridra in Ayurveda is an exceptionally powerful pharmaceutical for Urticaria condition. You can utilize it in sustenance things and offer it to the patient. It is an obligatory element for Indian cooking. Turmeric can likewise be taken with drain, sugar and nectar.

Ayurvedic drugs like Arogyavardhini Rasa, Suthashekara Rasa, Kamadhugarasa are prescribed by specialists, to treat Urticaria. A patient can take pharmaceuticals said above with nectar.

Triphala tablets can be given to the patient around evening time before going to bed, to help a reasonable gut. Indeed, even it is seen that buttermilk is a magnificent home solution for Urticaria. In the event that patient eating regimen on buttermilk alone with no pharmaceuticals for 1-3 days Urticaria can be dealt with.

Mustard oil can be utilized remotely on the influenced parts.

Eating routine and Lifestyle Advice

Avoid all desserts including sugar, jaggery, and liquor.

Avoid inconsistent sustenances, sharp nourishments, and substantial sustenances that are hard to process.

Have newly arranged, effectively absorbable sustenances.

Eat cooked split gram (split vegetables), severe gourd vegetable, and pomegranate.

Use nectar as opposed to sugar.

Use mustard oil for cooking.

Fast for one day or have light sustenances like porridge, bubbled rice, vegetable soup, and so on.

Avoid stifling the desire to upchuck.

Avoid introduction to twist, dozing in the daytime, sunbathing, and unnecessary liberality in sex.

Dite: Patients are encouraged to keep away from any sharp, salty and impactful nourishment. All sort of intense vegetables are useful in treating Urticaria. Specialists prescribe to take a lot of crisp buttermilk.

Rock salt blended with mustard oil can be connected on the patient body and wash up for quite a while. Heated water shower is prompted thereafter. Try not to open the patient to chilly air. Green gram powder can be utilized rather than cleanser.

Home Remedies

Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of drain or water a few times each day. It is an incredible treatment to build the body's resistance.

Massage the skin with mustard oil for 15 minutes, tailed it with a shower with tepid water.

Make a glue of some cereal and 3 teaspoons of corn starch and water. Apply this glue on the influenced zones until the point that the tingling is lessened.

Regular Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Urticaria

Blend dark pepper powder ½ to one teaspoon and desi ghee ½ teaspoon and expend it in exhaust stomach each morning. Proceed for up to three months for better outcomes.