Ayurvedic Face Pack Mukhalepam The Best Ayurvedic Beauty Massage

Ayurveda is a study of medicine for general wellbeing. It has its field of magnificence mind with assortments of medicines for guaranteeing facial abruptness and excellence. In Ayurveda all the decency from the nature is utilized to guarantee better skin treatment without symptoms.

All the healthy skin treatment in Ayurveda is unadulterated with herbs and therapeutic plants. The Mukhalepam is a healthy skin treatment for facial which have its own particular significance. Mukhalepam has the ability to kill wrinkles, suntan, cellulite, clogged pores, and so forth and it can be say as a best healthy skin treatment.

What is Mukhalepam?

Mukhalepam or mukhalepanam is an Ayurveda facial treatment which can be characterized as a straightforward Ayurvedic skin insurance treatment. In Malayalam, "Mukham" implies confront and "lepa, lepana or lepanam" implies an utilization of a glue. In these home grown pack diverse kinds of herbs, sedated plants, oils, ghee, juices of plants, organic products, decoction and so on., are utilized not at all like facial in which for the most part chemicals are utilized. It is then arranged into a glue that sustains and clean the skin and give skin a delicate and clear look. It is a treatment in which the face is dealt with legitimately with steam and afterward the face pack is connected, so the glue can without much of a stretch be connected.

It contains the utilization of crisply prepared facial glues and controlling them off following 35-45 minutes. Mukhalepam rub maintains a strategic distance from wrinkles, forestalls maturing of skin, and gives a decent skin tone. It anticipates pigmentation or stains of facial skin, and is worthwhile in treating sun consume related conditions. The home grown composite is picked in the wake of checking on the skin sort of the individual and as per the particular necessities.

Advantage of Mukhalepam Ayurvedic Massage

Mukhalepam is a best treatment for healthy skin for different afflictions. The entire methodology detoxifies and improves the magnificence of the skin. It is useful for treating conditions identified with sunburn. It is extremely viable in Twak Rogas (skin sicknesses) like Eczema, Psoriasis and so forth. Furthermore, can likewise be connected as Mukha Lepa (apply on the face) for Mukha Dooshika (Pimples), to expand the composition of the skin, and so on. Close to this there are some other imperative advantages of Mukhalepam, which are said beneath:

Prevents wrinkles and tones the skin

Reduces irritation and agony

Calm skin disease and agony

Relieve skin sores

Reduces pigmentation

Reduces staining of facial skin

Prevents maturing of the skin

Also, Mukhalepanam (healthy skin treatment) is extremely compelling in averting waterfall and notwithstanding fortifying the optic nerve of the eyes. The treatment likewise treats early optic issue in youngsters too.

Strategy for Mukhalepam Ayurvedic Treatment

In Mukhalepam Ayurvedic knead treatment, timing and breaks are assessed in view of the patient's condition and the patient's skin write. It is dependably observed what kinds of treatment are best for beneficial help. For powerful treatment, the specialist may likewise prompt dietary designs and expanded with what we called decoction or Kashayam and the Lehyam or semi solids.

The consistent routine with regards to Meditation and Yoga should be educated as part concerning an all encompassing solution for exceptionally profitable outcomes in bringing psyche, body, and soul together to keep up the vibe about the revival impacts of this antiquated Mukhalepam treatment and cure.


1. Ayurvedic facial ought to be washed when it dried, in light of the fact that drying makes the face drier and consequently vitiates the appearance.

2. Facial must be expelled in the wake of dampening.

3. After facial is evacuated the face must be blessed with oil.

4. The man ought to dodge over the top talk, presentation to flame and daylight while facial.

Note: The general population experiencing Indigestion, rhinorrhea, anorexia and instantly after Virechana treatment isn't prompted.

It short one might say that the Ayurvedic treatment Mukhalepam is pretty much like the cutting edge facial treatment, however the distinction is that this treatment is totally characteristic not at all like present day treatment, which for the most part utilizes creams containing hurtful chemicals.

A home grown powder is blended with dairy animals' drain and rice(Navara) and connected on the face.A steam is given to open the stopped up pores and layer of ayurvedic herbs blend is utilized to rub consequently expelling trash or dead skin from the face. It is kept for one hour and afterward washed. This is the mystery of shining skin. This treatment incorporates a full facial back rub and face.


  • Against maturing and hostile to wrinkle properties.
  • Moment shine and food gave to the profound layer of facial tissues.
  • It additionally gives alleviation from dry skin,itching and skin break out .