Rajyapana Vasthi

Rajayapana Basti is chosen for introduce reasonable investigation as a result of it's gainful Sadhyo Balajanana and Rasayana impacts. So this is an endeavor has been made to audit the applicable impact of Rajayapana Basti in Ayurveda with reference to Duchenne solid dystrophy.This treatment is for the most part utilized as a part of the disarranges because of irritated Vata and when treated gives astounding outcomes .

Rajayapana Basti benefits in clearing poisons from the vitality framework which are providing appropriate tone to the muscles and advancing the blood course with both Shodhana (disposal) and Brumhana (feeding) properties of its own and in addition especially helpful to placate the incited Vata Dosha, and builds quality of the individual, One of the known Vata bothered confusion in which this Basti is broadly utilized is Muscular Dystrophy.

A decoction is made comprising around 8 seeds of Madanapala (Ranchia Spinosa) alonwith around 40gms(each) of other herbs,alongwith water. The blend is cooked legitimately a fitting measure of water stays .To this suitable amount of drain is included and is bubbled again until the point when water is totally dissipated. To this fluid around 640ml of meat soup is included and is cooked once more. At that point 10g of rocksalt and 50 ml of nectar are combined in mortar To this honey,milk,rock salt are poured and blended well to get a glue like consistency. At the end,the end result,Basti Dravya (purification) is readied which is kept in heated water to make it lukewarm.This is managed in the patient's body as coordinated by the doctor.