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Covid Re-Life Therapy
(Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation, Immunisation & Reversal of Age)


Hriday Dhara

Cardiovascular sickness is the world's driving reason for death and inability. Treatment included are myocardial localized necrosis, Angioplasty, Intracoronary stent placement,Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, and those with stable angina . In CHF heart can't pump oxygen rich blood to body in sufficient sum.

Exorbitant medications are expanding financial weight in financial patients in India. Significant research has detailed that, following a cardiovascular occasion, Cardiac Rehabilitation can advance recuperation, Improve Exercise Capacity and Patient Health, Reduce different Coronary Artery illness hazard factors and accordingly decrease hospitalization costs.

Alongwith Ayurvedic treatment, enhances the way of life and precautionary measure in Cardiac ailments. Ayurvedic treatment is ended up being compelling in a large portion of the heart related diseases.Usually Hridaya Dhara is related with various treatments like Swedan and Basti' as a piece of treatment.

Extraordinarily sedated fluids are poured over the head or the body in a rhythmical example. At the point when connected over the body, it might be over a particular territory or the whole body. It has an amazingly mitigating and unwinding impact.

Home grown decoction for the most part made up of Til oil alongwith basic herbs is utilized for the treatment regulated to the patients by rectal course after bowel purge.

A decoction arranged with the blend of dried bark powder and saline water in a recommended sum is bubbled till 1/fourth of water remains.

The underlying stage comprise of Til oil centripetal back rub in strokes coordinated towards the heart.

Til oil is known cancer prevention agent and aides in cholesterol bringing down and controls pulse.

Advantages :

  • Aides in oxygen take-up and diminished sub-maximal heart rate, systolic circulatory strain and RPP.
  • Unwinds muscles and torment in chest .
  • Enhances blood course .
  • Detoxification helps in reviving of body parts .
  • Way of life counsel helps in maintaing appropriate way of life .