Shiro Vasthi

As the name recommends this treatment is identified with head .Stress and mental issue are the issues looked on a noteworthy scale.This treatment or treatment soothes a man from the worry by quieting down the worried nerves and the back rub done on head evacuates the poisons and along these lines enhances the blood dissemination. Shirovasti or Shiro Vasti is a word containing 2 terms, Shiro significance head, Vasti importance pooling of home grown oils or potentially sedated fluids on the head. Along these lines ShiroVasti implies pooling the fluid medications, particularly home grown oils and additionally ghee in a chamber or compartment developed over the head.

Shiro Vasti is a technique which is incorporated into the classification of Murdhni Taila (different strategies for applying oil over the head. It is a sort of Bahya Snehana (utilizing of oil and directing medications over the body, externally).This treatment is regularly taken as a piece of other diverse treatments or taken as a different treatment for brian related symptoms.It isn't just taken as a piece of treatment yet in addition as a medium of unwinding giving treatment benefits .

Shirovasti is the most serious, intense outer oil application. Shirovasti is an exceptional procedure to control sedated oil on the head. The patient is made to sit upright on a wooden stool and cured oil is connected on body and head. At that point a top made of adaptable cowhide, open on the two sides, is fitted on the head and the endorsed cured oil, somewhat warm, is poured onto the top. The oil is permitted to stay inside the top for around 45 minutes or till the appearance of appropriate indications of effective treatment, whichever is prior, and depleted out. A while later the head is wiped with a spotless dry cotton material. Again sedated oil is connected on the body and head and the patient is given body shower in warm water. This treatment is improved the situation most extreme seven days and requires measure up to number of days for arrangement and for having the post concentrated medications.

ShiroVasti is a particular ayurveda treatment which is essentially demonstrated in Vata Rogas (neurological clutters) and Jathrudhwa gata Rogas (Head and Neck and ENT issue). Shirobasti is a procedure in which warm sedated oil is made to remain dormant on the scalp for a particular time in an appropriate shaped casing made up of calfskin or rexine sheet.


  • Paralysis.
  • Bells paralysis.
  • Insomnia.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Senile Dementia.
  • Memory misfortune.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Autism.
  • Mental hindrance.
  • Degenerative cerebellar ataxias.

Treatment methodology

The treatment methodology is isolated in to three sections

  • Purva karma(pre methodology)
  • Pradhana Karma(main Procedure)
  • Pashyat Karma(Post Procedure)

Determination of the patient:-

Choice of the patient for this system depends up on the conclusion which is finished with Astha vidha pareeksha's(eight crease examination)and Dashavidha Pareeksha's(ten overlay examination) which relies upon the specialization of the Physician.

Determination of the pharmaceutical

The determination of the pharmaceutical for the technique depends on the patient's condition, the sedated oil is chosen relying on the Rogi bala (Strength of the patient) and Roga Bala(severity of the malady).

Setting up the patient for the strategy

Before beginning the treatment, understanding is encouraged to trim short their hairs with the goal that it ought not meddle amid the methodology.

Under reasonable vibe, persistent is made to comprehend the shiorvasti strategy and its significance. Appropriate guiding is finished by a group of specialists in Healing Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital, as it requires much tolerance to do the entire strategy.

With an assistance of calfskin or rexine sheet a top is set up as per the estimation of the patient's head. The top is settled on the head with the assistance of mixture such that the solution which is poured inside it ought not break and stand solidly till the fruition of the technique.


In the wake of setting up the patient and settling the top, the endorsed measure of warm sedated oil is poured gradually in to the top till it covers the entire scalp . This prescription is made to remain stale for a time of 15 to 25 minutes depending up on the state of the ailment and the patient


After the treatment the oil is evacuated alongside the mixture, and delicate abhyanga(Massage) is done, and the individual is encouraged to take rest for some time.


The method of activity of shiro vasti relies upon…

  • Helpful impact of shirobasti.
  • Physical impact of shirobasti.
  • Utilization of warmth.

The scalp is shaped by five layers, that is skin, Connective tissue, Aponeurosis, Loose areolar layer and Pericrainium. The thick subcutaneous connective tissue has the wealthiest cutaneous blood supply in the body. The base of medication which is utilized for Shirobasti is in lipid shape. The phospholipids of the phone film permits lipid dissolvable meds to go through dissemination which gives neighborhood and foundational restorative activities as vasodilatation will increment because of the temperature which is kept up over the span of whole treatment.

Since the scalp is provided with rich blood flow by means of branches of outer carotid and inward carotid supply routes and innervations is through tactile and engine nerves from ophthalmic divisions like Zygomaticotemporal nerve, Greater occipital nerve, Lesser occipital nerve, Auriculotemporal nerve, Supratrochlear nerve and Supraorbital nerve and rich lymphatic channels. The drugs which are utilized as a part of shirovasti will have pharmacological activities like mitigating, cancer prevention agents, hostile to depressents, neuropyscho pharmacological impact, neuroprotective action, antimicrobial properties, will demonstrate its theruapatical activities when these enter in the flow.

  • Advantages of Shiro Vasti
    • Shirovasti feeds the cerebrum consequently advances keenness/Shirovasti nourishes the brain hence promotes intellect.
    • It sustains the hair roots and makes the hair delicate and reflexive /It nourishes the hair roots and makes the hair soft and glossy.
    • It cures different eye issue, sinusitis and enhances appearance/It helps to cure various eye disorders, sinusitis and improves complexion.
    • Shirovasti fortifies the marma point in the head acting like pressure point massage focuses by its weight impact /Shirovasti stimulates the marma point in the head acting like acupressure points by its pressure effect.
    • Shirovasti adjusts the vata and kapha in the mind in the middle of the cerebrum and skull/Shirovasti balances the vata and kapha in the brain in between the brain and skull.
    • Shirovasti feeds the cerebrum subsequently advances mind.
    • It brings mental smoothness.
    • It feeds the hair roots and makes the hair delicate and gleaming.
    • It cures different eye issue, sinusitis and enhances appearance.
    • Shirovasti fortifies the marma point in the head acting like pressure point massage focuses by its weight impact.
    • Shirovasti adjusts the vata and kapha in the mind in the middle of the cerebrum and skull.