Uttar Basti

Uttara Basti focuses toward maladies of urinary and genital system.Uttara Vasti or Uttara Basti is one among Panchakarma medications in which fluid pharmaceuticals are directed through urethral or vaginal courses. The prescriptions might be as Kwatha/Kashaya (natural decoctions) i.e. Asthapana (niruha) Basti and Sneha (sedated ghee and oils) i.e. Anuvasana (sneha) Basti.

The vasti (purification) directed through the urinary entry (urethra) in men and ladies and through birth section (vaginal tract) in ladies is called uttaravasti. It is the vasti which is given through uttara marga (sections introduce in the front bit of the body, i.e. in the front bit of the body i.e. urethral and vaginal entries) Uttara signifies 'best'. Since uttaravasti bestows uncommon advantages it is called Uttara Basti.

There are kinds of Uttara Basti expressed as clarified underneath :

Garbhashaya Gata Vasti

In this, the site of organization of Vasti solution is Uterus (Garbhashaya) and the Basti is given through the vaginal opening. This Vasti helps in ousting the dreary Doshas from the Garbhashaya or Uterus. This Basti helps in annihilating the grimness and infections identified with the female uro-genital framework.

Mutrashaya Gata Vasti

In this, the site of organization of Basti medication is Mutrashaya or Urinary Bladder and the Basti is given through the Mutra Marga or Urethra (the opening of the lower end of the strong tube which is associated with the lower opening of Urinary Bladder and discharges the pee. This is given through the urinary entry or urethra in the two men and ladies. This aides in curing the infections identified with urinary framework and genital framework.

Purvakarma or pre-agent techniques for Uttara Vasti includes examination of patient and deciding the measurements of organization of the bowel purge and the patient arrangement.

To figure out which vasti (niruha or sneha) ought to be managed individual to the manifestations, an exhaustive examination of the patient is finished. This will help in ordering the patients as those fit to attempt Niruha vasti or those fit to take Anuvasana or Sneha Vasti or the individuals who are fit to get the two sorts of vasti. It will likewise help in distinguishing the patients who are unfit to get the same.

Mutrashaya gata utar basti is demonstrated in the treatment of urinary issue. Charaka has recorded 13 sorts of mutraghata (blocks to the section of pee) and toward the end has demonstrated uttara vasti as a cure in every one of the cases.

The different sorts of Mutraghata clarified above spreads different states of uro-genital framework in which there is hindrance to pee. The signs incorporate irritation of urinary bladder, recto-vesical fistula, prostate organ development (BPH), and numerous more infections. Mutra Krichra covers numerous ailments of urinary framework which cause dysuria or trouble in passing pee. It likewise covers dysuria caused because of stones, disease and so forth conditions.

The Mutraghata treatment benefits in many stone related infections . Aside from the maladies of urinary tract Uttara Vasti in men can be regulated in disarranges like Shukra Dosha (dreariness of semen) which incorporates Shukra tormented by horrible Vata, Pitta and additionally Kapha and illnesses like klaibya (less semen) and dhwajabhanga (barrenness) and so forth.

Uttar Basti is an imperative Panchakarma technique for the genito– urinary clutters of both, guys and females. The treatment includes organization of a particular therapeutic oil, ghrita or decoction into the urinary bladder or uterus.

In this methodology pharmaceutical is imparted in the Uterus in females per vagina or in the bladder in guys and females per urethra. Every single aseptic precautionary measure are taken after.

The methodology takes around 15-20 minutes. It is completed for three back to back days or as required.

It is helpful in barrenness, unconstrained premature births, intermittent premature births, fibroids, tubal blockages, DUB, and so on.

Uttar basti per urethra is helpful in kind prostate development (BPH), urinary incontinence, urethral stricture, repetitive urinary tract contaminations (UTI), bladder atony, spilling development, cystitis, male fruitlessness, low sperm tally, weakness, and so forth.

Uttar Basti – in Female


It is demonstrated in menstrual issues like amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhegia, leucorrhea.

It is utilized as a part of essential and optional barrenness.

It is especially helpful to evacuate Tubal pieces

It is utilized as a part of patient of repetitive premature births.


It is utilized for urethral stricture and dysuria.

Technique :

It is an OPD based technique

Sedated oil or natural decoction, is presented with the assistance of an elastic catheter into the uterine depression under aseptic conditions.

Eating routine :

Light (fluid or semi fluid) eat less is prompted all through the technique.

Essential Benefits :

Nourishes the regenerative organs

Supports the capacities regenerative organs.

Uttar Basti – in Male

Signs :

Urinary incontinence

Prostate expansion


Neurogenic Bladder

Urethral stricture

Male barrenness


It is an OPD based method

Sedated oil or decoction is brought into the urinary bladder with the assistance of an elastic catheter through the urethral opening under aseptic conditions.

Eating routine :

Light (fluid or semi fluid) eat less carbs is exhorted all through the strategy.

Essential Benefits :

Nourishes the regenerative organs

Supports the capacities regenerative organs

Advantages of Uttara Basti:

  • The Uttara basti has a purifying activity particularly Niruha Vasti.
  • By purging activity of Uttara basti in the urinary bladder and uterus and other genital entries, the procedure of pee and monthly cycle and sexual capacities will be reestablished.
  • The organs will be spotless and sterile and will dispose of aggravation, bothering, stagnation and contaminations.
  • They are nutritive in work and will enhance the blood dissemination, nerve conduction and resistance of the organs.
  • Anuvasana vasti given as uttara basti is exceptionally compelling in instances of sterility and barrenness and will give the descendants to those suspecting it and substantially more .